Funko POP! Sticker Meanings


The majority of POPS! are classified a ‘common’. This generally means they are mass produced and available from most retailers. However, some still can be hard to find. In particular, POPS! produced on shorter production scales prior to the explosion in popularity with Funko you see today when demand was lower. Limitations or expiry with Funko licensing can also add to the rarity.


Vaulted Edition means that Funko has retired the POP! and it will not be made again. It then enters the Funko vault. This can add to collectability. Often Funko will reissue the POP! at a later time but in alternative packaging and a new release number.


Chases are variants of common POPS! They are packaged in varying ratios from 1:6 to 1:36 and will have sticker in the corner of the window noting "Chase Limited Edition". A chase POP! is a rarer version of a standard common figure. It might have a slightly different colour scheme or design.


Flocked means that that the POP! is with a fur like material which gives them a soft feeling when touched, and makes characters feel more realistic than the regular smooth painted vinyl surface.


Has part or total metallic surface giving a shine. Can really improve the appearance of the right POP! and often found on exclusive items.

Retailer Exclusive

Sold by specific retailers which feature the store logo i.e. Walgreens, Hot Topic, Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon etc. Online Stores often issue the same product with ‘Special Edition’ sticker, sometime accompanied by the seller’s brand.

Shared Exclusive Convention Sticker

These are often very desirable and sell out quickly. Available from nominated retailers they feature a “Shared Exclusive” sticker, not to be confused with a true convention sticker. These POPS! are made for Comic-Con events in limited runs.

True Exclusive Convention Sticker

Similar to the above but with an official Comic-con sticker. They are only available from the Comic Con events. Very desirable both at the event and picked up quickly on resell. The POP! itself is identical to the “Shared Exclusive” version with the same packaging but the alternative sticker is appealing to collectors for its exclusively and connection to the event.

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